Costco Asian chicken wraps

Costco's new Asian chicken wraps

Costco's new Asian chicken wraps

I try to maintain an awareness of new products at Costco, particularly their “take home and eat” items, partly because I like to see how creative they can be with their own leftovers.

In this case we have two huge spinach tortilla shells stuffed with the suspects one finds in a Chinese chicken salad.  Each is rolled, burrito-style, and cut in half to offer four portions.  A dipping sauce is provided in a cup on the side.

Inside the wrap you’ll find chunks of breast meat from their house-made rotisserie chickens, dry chow mein noodles and shredded fresh veggies, including cabbage and carrot. 

The wrap itself is good – ample and fresh-tasting due to quality ingredients and a generous hand – but the dressing is too viscous for me.  I don’t know if there are gums present, or if they simply make a thick, vinaigrette-style, Chinese chicken salad dressing and use a stabilizer to keep it from separating.  There is something “off” in that dressing, too, but I may be getting unpleasant notes as a by-product of the texture, which I associate with  bad commercial salad dressing.

At $8.99, I don’t know that I’ll be buying them again, but if you don’t want to deal with the prep involved in making your own, I’d give ’em a try – but with a better dressing on standby.

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14 Responses to Costco Asian chicken wraps

  1. Anon says:

    I love these wraps and especially the dressing. I was surprised to read you didnt like the dressing because for me, it makes the whole thing worthwhile. I just dip the wrap in and use the dressing sparingly.

    $8.99 seemed steep at first, but I can usually only eat 1 whole wrap, so it provides me 2 meals for 9 bucks.

    • Gyeonggyu Lee says:

      I perfectly agree your comment. I am Korean and I lived in L.A for 4 years. I usually bought and ate Costco Asian Chicken wrap.. I miss~ these wraps and especially the dressing. I really want to make dressing!! in here!!

      • Renate Valencia says:

        When I buy the wraps I usually use some other kind of dressing, but if you really like the dressing that comes with the wraps, then I would ask for extra by knocking on the window of the section where they make them — by the rotisserie chickens! Thanks for your comment!

  2. admin says:

    The dressing is too gummy for me; I like the flavor, but not the consistency.

  3. Carolyn Cloe says:

    I LOVE the Costco asian wraps and especially the dressing. I would love to find out if they use one of the store’s bottled asian dressings, or if they make it. Would love to have the recipe of they make it in their deli. One dressing container is not enough for the size of the wrap pieces.

    • admin says:

      It’s probable they use a bottled dressing, given the gums, though I suppose they could make their own and add them. Honestly, though, I’ve never seen a freshly-made dressing with this kind of mass-market viscosity. Costco is very secretive about some things, but I suppose you could ask someone at the store.

  4. Charlie says:

    My wife is convinced these wraps contain mayonnaise, so she won’t touch them. I see no mayo listed on the ingredient list, though I do see the components for mayo listed. Does anyone know if they use mayo in these?

    • Renate Valencia says:

      Charlie, I don’t detect mayo in the Asian wraps, and I have not had them for some time, so I can’t check the label. If there are eggs listed, and they are way down in the list, there may be trace amounts in the shell or the dry noodles. That would be my guess. Thanks for your comment!!!

  5. Susie Smith says:

    There is ‘orange yogurt’ inside the wrap. I asked management and was very specific that I needed to know what ingredients were in the wrap. Upper level management that was having a working meeting in front of and concerning their ready-to-eat case,
    told me this.

  6. Monique says:

    I love the Asian wraps. It is true that they don’t give you enough dressing for those well stuffed wraps. They will indeed give you more dressing if you ask for it. The deli staff is very friendly and accomodating. If you don’t care for the dressing, there are many other asian dressing options available at any grocery store. I like to keep a bottle handy because I am heavy handed with the dressing. I have also requested, through the customer comment cards, if they might offer the option to sell the dressing in the store. Not heard anything back. I’m still going to buy them regardless. Also, tonight, I just found a Costco recipe PDF booklet that provides many of their recipes. I was looking for their cinnamon sugar loaf recipe and was suprised to find a ton of recipes for their baked goods and much more!

  7. Beth says:

    I LOVE these wraps! However, I pick out all the little noodles and only use a trace of the dressing. Orange yogurt? I don’t detect it. Anyone happen to have the calorie count broken down by ingredient? Everything seems pretty clean except those noodle things (which I think are to add a crunch factor, but are always mushy) and the dressing, which I suspect is loaded with sugar. Use sparingly.

    • Renate Valencia says:

      Thanks for your comment! Don’t know about the calorie count, but when I bring them home I use my own dressing.

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