Roasted tri-color peppers

Digital watercolor of red, yellow and orange peppers

I’m still in a roasted pepper state of mind.  I want to be sure to have my fill while the yellow, red and orange are available in those megabags at Costco.  Remember to roast the hell out of them on a grill or in a convection oven or over an open flame, plop into a Ziploc bag for an hour, skin and seed ’em (the skin will have steamed loose rendering the peppers easy to peel.  Wipe the seeds off with a paper towel if they’re stubborn.  Tear into large strips and arrange nicely.  Use the juices in the plastic bag to make a dressing with olive oil, salt and pepper and a small quantity of fresh lemon juice.  Pour over peppers and shower on some shaved Parmigiano Reggiano.  (Remember one of the cardinal rules of cooking:  when there are few ingredients they need to be of quality).  Serve at room temperature and then store the rest in the fridge for later use on sandwiches.  Man, so good.

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