Here’s some of my published food writing:

Valencia, R.  “Fancy Food Show – Like No Other Trade Event.” El Cerrito Patch 19 January 2012: Business

Valencia, R.  “Champagne: The Story Behind the Bubbly.” El Cerrito Patch 27 December 2011: News, Holiday Guide

Valencia, R.  “Six Ingredients to Enliven Your Holiday Fare.” El Cerrito Patch 20 November 2011: News, Holiday Guide

Valencia, R.  “A bit of El Cerrito History — via food.” El Cerrito Patch 10 November 2011: Business

Valencia, R.  “Eating Real in the East Bay.”  El Cerrito Patch  9 October 2011: Business

Valencia, R.  “The Natural Grocery Co. — 30 and Going Strong.”  El Cerrito Patch  16 September 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Great Flavor in Odd Shapes: Heirloom Tomatoes.”  El Cerrito Patch  13 September 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Q&A: Albany Garden to Table Starts at Cafeina.”  Albany Patch  8 August 2011: Business

Valencia, R.  “Peach Freezer Jam: Bypass the Canning Conundrum.”  El Cerrito Patch  7 August 2011: News, Home and Garden

Valencia, R.  “Finding America in Community and Cornbread.”  El Cerrito Patch  24 July 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Albany Garden to Table: An Edible Initiative of a Different Kind.”  Albany Patch  7 July 2011: Business 

Valencia, R.  “Make Your Own Pickles? Easy.”  El Cerrito Patch  26 June 2011: News 

Valencia, R.  “Semifreddi’s: From Kensington Storefront to Bay Area Artisan Bread Giant.”  El Cerrito Patch  21 June 2011: Business 

Valencia, R.  “Spiedies: A Binghamton Treat at Home in El Cerrito.”  El Cerrito Patch  12 June 2011: News 

Valencia, R.  “Good Grab-and-Go Local Snacks, Mini-Meals.”  El Cerrito Patch  29 May 2011: News, Restaurant Reviews

Valencia, R.  “It’s Not All About “Brats”: Grilling German-Style Sausages.”  El Cerrito Patch  15 May 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Make Your Own Asian-Style Wrap — It’s Easy and Delicious.”  El Cerrito Patch  1 May 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Passover and Easter Living Happily Under One Roof in El Cerrito.”  El Cerrito Patch  17 April 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Congee—Asian Rice Porridge Finding Fans in El Cerrito and Environs.”  El Cerrito Patch  3 April 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Food Upstages Film at Senior Center’s Movie and Potluck Night.”  El Cerrito Patch  20 March 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “TEPCO: El Cerrito’s Days as a Mother Lode of Tableware.”  El Cerrito Patch  13 March 2011: News

Valencia, R.  “Basic, Good Bargain Breakfasts in El Cerrito & Environs.”  El Cerrito Patch  6 March 2011: Restaurant Reviews, Business

Valencia, R.  “Unsold Fine Breads Given Away at Senior Center.”  El Cerrito Patch  27 February 2011: Volunteers in the News

Valencia, R.  “First Look at Mac’s Wok, Formerly Jac’s Asian Bistro.”  El Cerrito Patch  23 January 2011: Business, Restaurant Reviews

Valencia, R.  “Easter eggs of a different flavor.”  San Francisco Chronicle  23 March 2005: F-1


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