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Matthew Valencia’s 7th birthday party in Astoria, Queens NY (1994) 

Parents and Cousins in Bavaria, Germany (1961) 
Walking around Munich; Hofbrauhaus; driving around the
vicinity of Munich

Car trip past the 1964/65 World’s Fair site  in Flushing, Queens NY (1965) 
Starts at 35-19 147th Street in Flushing. Includes a ride on the Grand Central Parkway in cool red VW bug; trip to toy store (maybe in Woodside or Astoria) to buy my Halloween costume; drive past Shea Stadium — brand new then and totally gone now!

Obersalzberg & Dachau Concentration Camp (1958, 1961)  
Warning:  this video was taken by my parents while stationed in the US Army in Bavaria. The reel I received was made up of a number of short films that had been spliced together before my time. Thus, you’ll see happy shots of my newly-married parents interwoven with sobering footage of Dachau concentration camp. I posted this film for family members — and those interested  in its historical value. The Obersalzberg is where Adolf Hitler (and other high-ranking Nazi leaders) lived and socialized.  There were a number of significant buildings in the area, as well as a comprehensive network of bunkers.

For students of this period in history the Obersalzberg is key.  This film shows some of the area only 13 years after the end of WWII.  Of note:
   Monuments and sites at Dachau Concentration Camp  (Spring 1961)
The General Walker, formerly the Platterhof, a famous Nazi hotel that was later
used by the US as a hotel for military personnel  (Berchtesgaden; 1958)
The Green Arrow Inn, similarly used (Garmisch-Partenkirchen; 1958)
   The Kehlsteinhaus — named for the mountain it sits on; only called “The Eagle’s Nest”
outside of Germany  (1958)
   Bunker remains  (1958).  Details about this particular ruin are here.



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