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Easy Chocolate-covered Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

I always make chocolate-covered strawberries for my family on Valentine’s Day.  My husband loves them, and they make my son feel better if he’s between girlfriends. You can temper chocolate the traditional way, AKA the long way, but try the method … Continue reading

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Heirloom Tomato Sandwiches Rock

I wait all year for that brief, shining portion of late summer that brings me luscious, flavorful heirloom tomatoes for about $2 a pound.  Big, red, Beefsteak types, like the Beefmaster you see in the photo, which weighed in at … Continue reading

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Savory Oatmeal for Dinner!

When I first came out with my savory oatmeal recipes, friends thought I was crazy.  Yeah – crazy like a fox. The only reason people look at you like you have 35 heads when you serve oatmeal with ham and cheese is because … Continue reading

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Fried Sweet Plantains

I reviewed Yardie Jerk in Oakland for GraceAnn Walden’s Yummy Report recently, which has me on a fried sweet plantain kick. Sweet, soft and sticky fried sweet plantains taste almost like a dessert, and go very well with spicy grilled chicken or fish.  … Continue reading

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Costco’s chocolate-covered caramel apple

I like plain sweets and have a fondness for soft caramel, so when I saw this choco-covered Granny Smith caramel apple at Costco last week I almost swooned.   There is no way I was not going to buy this thing … Continue reading

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Citrus in containers

Today I busied myself with citrus upkeep.  I have three orange trees – one semi-dwarf and one standard planted in my side yard, and one dwarf in a container; two dwarf lime trees in containers; two dwarf lemon trees, one … Continue reading

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Grammy Elaine and NY strips

Gramma Elaine is here so we grilled New York strips.  My Mom’s friend, Rita, joined in, as well as Jon, who is spending the weekend, so it was a hoot.  Accompanied by seared fig halves with walnut vinaigrette and warm … Continue reading

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