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Make a cheese souffle at home

Cheese souffle is the kind of thing many home cooks are afraid to make because they think it’s difficult.  It’s really not.  You need to practice once or twice in terms of technique, which is the part you need to … Continue reading

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Faux gras recipe is pretty good

I caught an episode of Diary of a Foodie from 2007 (Season 1:  Contraband Cuisine) the other day, and Ruth Reichl provided a recipe for imitation foie gras that she spoke highly of.  Since I don’t eat foie gras (French … Continue reading

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Beef burgundy

I broke out the pressure cooker and made beef stew.  I’ve always been somewhat afraid of pressure cookers.  My mother used one all the time, and it was a first-generation jiggle-top, to boot, but I don’t remember her standing around … Continue reading

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