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Akitachow is a food site with a dog motif.  Why a dog motif?  I love dogs and happen to have had an akita-chow mix named Berry.  The “chow” part also refers to the food.

Food people are a bit strange, and this presents itself early on.

As a kid growing up in Queens, I took a strong interest in what I later learned was garde manger. Before I was 10, I was in charge of holiday hors d’oeuvres.  I pickled and canned my way through high school and college, and cooked nights and weekends during a 15+ year business career.  In 2003 the business career was given its walking papers in favor of culinary school and food writing.

Here I am, poor but happy.  It may be an old saw, but it’s accurate.

I’m an experimenter when it comes to cooking. I try to encourage others to cook by feel, or from the heart.  Sticking to recipes is fine if you don’t have cooking in your bones and just need to get the job done, but it’s far better to use recipes as a means of developing your ability to put together pleasing flavor combinations — especially if you want to become a great cook. You have to take risks, too. I can’t tell you how many mediocre bowls of oyster stew and tough po’boys my husband and son suffered through until I nailed that bivalve.

A great cook is the one whose roast chicken is legendary, or the one who put together a cheese and fruit platter by which you now judge all others.

Figure it this way: any competent cook can produce a fancy dish from a highfalutin cookbook, but it takes talent to coax a great soup from a couple of bones and a few root vegetables.

If you’d like to contact me, I’m at:  primerib@akitachow.com


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