Best banana bread recipe really is

I never, and I mean never, post recipes here that I find on the Web. I am going to make an exception for this banana bread recipe, which claims to be “Best Banana Bread.”

It is. By far. It calls for 4 bananas. You know it’s going to be a moist quick bread just from the looks of the batter.

Banana bread batter in cake pan

Here’s the finished product.

Banana bread ready in square cake pan

I often make quick bread in a square cake pan. We like it that way. You need not worry about slicing evenly, and slices falling apart. You get it.

It’s hot as blazes in the Bay Area right now, but I have guests from Germany who wanted some typical American fare. Given that I had some overripe bananas hanging around, I Googled “best banana bread” and that is exactly what I got.

More to come when things turn chilly around here.

Here’s a link to the recipe.

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