Downsizing, or Why I Buy Ben & Jerry’s, Where a Pint is a Pint is a Pint


A Häagen-Dazs “pint” has been 14 ounces since 2009. A “quart” has been 28 ounces. At Ben & Jerry’s, though, a pint is still a pint and a quart still a quart.

Downsizing always makes me mad.

Why don’t manufacturers take a little hit to their own bottom lines in order to benefit the consumer? I guess in today’s world greed reigns supreme.

Downsizing is why I now rarely buy Hellmann’s/Best Foods mayo. I buy Kirkland brand, which is excellent, and believe me when I say that I was always a Hellmann’s girl. I’m from New York City, for crying out loud.

The Kirkland version is a little salty, but it’s great, and is a full 64 ounces!

I am simply tired of being given less. I understand that prices need to go up now and then. I get that. This game of downsizing, though, I don’t get, and I try to opt out of participation whenever possible.



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