Two products I avoid at Costco and why

I buy a significant amount of my “stuff” at Costco, but now and then I do come up with a problem product.  Not often, but once every few years.

Here are two products I won’t buy:

Kirkland brand Environmentally Friendly Liquid Dish Soap.  It works fine, but I can’t find a decent way to dispense it.  It does not come with a refillable bottle, and perhaps here’s why:  no matter how large the hole on whatever dispenser bottle I use, it gets hopelessly clogged within a few days.  I have tried numerous dispenser bottles, and I always find myself having to jam a wooden skewer into the hole to unclog it.  Really annoying.  While I could make the hole in a bottle huge, I would wind up wasting product, which is not, you know, environmentally friendly.

Men’s black Adidas ankle socks.  Nice socks, but if you have a light carpet, you will have sock fuzz all over your house and will be vacuuming every day.  I have never seen worse fuzz from any other black socks.  You have been warned.

While we’re on the subject, I bought a Plantronics Explorer 395 Bluetooth headset at Costco that I have never been able to pair with my phone.  Not Costco’s fault as I should have brought it right back to the store.  Costco is great about returns, but can’t help with customer stupidity.


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