TEPCO as Dishware Obsession

Marker drawing of three pieces of TEPCOware on a white background. One if a needles and pine plate.  Two are sunglow - a cup and saucer - with a red band

Interested in old pots and pans and dishes?  I too.  Don’t start with me about “I” and “me.”  “I” is correct here because it’s the implied subject in an elliptical construction, though I agree it sounds unnatural and pretentious.  Me too.  (It was a quandary, but I went with common usage.  I have either pleased all my readers or none of.  Hard to say.)

Back to old cookware.

I think I’ve officially rounded the bend when it comes to my current obsession:  TEPCOware.  By TEPCO I mean The Technical Porcelain & Chinaware Company, not Tokyo Electric Power Company.

While doing research for a piece I wrote for El Cerrito Patch, I fell in love with the ware this now-defunct El Cerrito, California, company produced, and have been incorporating it into my art, looking on eBay for plates and saucers, and even combing the edge of the San Francisco Bay for fragments.  (Good God, ‘eBay’ has made it into the WordPress spell checker!)

Oh, yes:  TEPCO dishware.

Methinks I’ll start borrowing some TEPCOware from fellow El Cerritans (my spell checker wanted to change that to ‘Cretans,” by the way) to draw so I don’t wind up with 200 variations of Needles & Pine.

Oh, be sure to test for lead before you use old dishes you know nothing about.  Just look for a lead test kit at your local hardware store.

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