Happy Easter 2011!

Plate of easter eggs in multiple colors in white bowl with green tissue paper

Easter Eggs for 2011

Although my Mom pulled herself together to produce a respectable plate of Easter eggs this morning, we’ll be having our roast duck dinner next week.

Let me explain.

About three weeks ago my son, Matthew, came down with a cold. It turned out to be a nasty, long, viral affair that was passed to my Mother about two weeks ago, to me three days ago, and to my husband two days ago.

We’re all down.  Matthew’s birthday dinner, which was to be held last Saturday, was postponed to this Saturday—then postponed again to next Saturday.  Steve pulled himself together enough to go to Nation’s to get an apple pie, which we decked out with candles and sang a lame Happy Birthday over yesterday afternoon.

If we’re ill next week we’ll be in serious trouble because of Mother’s Day on May 8th and then Steve’s birthday on May 11th. It is not acceptable in my family to combine events, so here’s hoping we’re able to take Matthew out to Solano Grill & Bar for birthday 24 next Saturday and then cook a roast duck, mashed potato and red cabbage Easter dinner the next day.

Now that I’m carrying on, let me go the whole distance:  This week was spring break and I had off from art class and wanted to focus on working ahead on El Cerrito Eats, but no go.  Matt’s not too happy to have a cold during spring break, either.

Have a great day, everyone!

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