Did a “drive by” at Delhi Dhaba & Chaat in San Pablo (CA)

Chicken wrap with masala fries from Delhi Dhaba & Chaat in San Pablo

Chicken wrap with masala fries

Matthew and I were hungry (what else is new?) while taking care of a Smart & Final shopping trip in San Pablo recently.  It was pouring rain so we didn’t want a production, and decided that he would run into the new Indian place, Delhi Dhaba & Chaat, with $20 and buy a few things to snack on in the car. 

He came back with pakora and a chicken wrap with masala fries, costing something in the neighborhood of $10. 

Here’s a quick run-down of what we thought: 

1).  The pakora, little vegetable fritters, were served in a paper bag to absorb the oil.  They were OK, but a little batter-heavy and veggie-light.
2).  The masala fries were regular fries with a little powdered seasoning.  Fine, but, you know, decent fries with a little something on them – what more can you say?
3).  The chicken wrap was fabulous. Lots of really moist, flavorful chicken with fried onion and green bell pepper.  All kinds of  juices so it wasn’t dry.  The naan was warm and charred.  I’m happy to have this available because I’ve been missing the chix wraps at Curry Cafe on Solano in Albany.  They used to have a great chicken wrap, but when the place changed over to House of Curries, I didn’t, and still don’t, like their version.

The proprietors at DD&C, according to Matthew, are very nice and have years of experience in the restaurant business.

Matt and I’ll go back for a full meal and report to you soon.

If you go, though, try that chicken wrap.

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