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Kirkland Fresh White Truffles

Well, not Kirkland, but you get what I’m saying. I was at my Costco (Richmond, Cali) yesterday and they had fresh white truffles for $1,799.99 per pound.  No kidding.  Really.  Not behind any kind of glass or protected by armed … Continue reading

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Potato & Cabbage Gratin

An oozing casserole is a great thing to have for din-din on a cold winter’s eve.  While a potato gratin may be the perfect form of this, I like to add a little something else to the mix.  Awhile ago I adapted Tyler Florence’s “ultimate” recipe to what … Continue reading

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Gres des Vosges at my Costco

You normally don’t find 125 gram packages of any food item at Costco.  Well, maybe caviar. I was very happy to come across this wonderful little fern frond-topped cheese — essentially a pasteurized milk version of Alsatian Munster — at the Richmond (CA) branch. The … Continue reading

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Little Crab Casseroles

Here’s an easy recipe for decadent little creamy crab casseroles I developed based on a couple 1950’s dip recipes.  They work very well if you are having people over and want to serve a comforting, hot appetizer. Do me a favor, though:  buy … Continue reading

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Leftovers: Roast ‘taters with Cheese & Short Rib Gravy

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows I’m big into leftovers. If I make something or go out to eat I don’t care what’s left, how much or how little, I put it in a container and eat … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Costco

5 December 2010 Costco Wholesale Corporation Attn:  Customer Service P. O. Box 34331 Seattle, WA 98124 Re: Lack of Acme Fish Corporation’s smoked whitefish products at your Richmond, California, store Dear Costco: It’s me, your biggest fan. I’m wondering why you, once … Continue reading

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