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Bánh mì in the ‘hood

This review will also appear in GraceAnn Walden’s newsletter, The Yummy Report, which will soon be available on her new website.  Go there to sign up for The Yummy Report! I crave bánh mì on a regular basis, so I’m happy … Continue reading

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Old Old Bay

I knew I needed to replace my Old Bay Seasoning, but I had no idea how old my existing box was! We all recall certain things from our childhood kitchens that were like fixtures – always there in the same form.  … Continue reading

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Stuffed Peppers with Ground Meat, Farro & Feta in Lemon Sauce

The gist of this post is:  farro better than rice in stuffed peppers, in my opinion.  My Mom always used rice, lots of tomato product and green bell peppers in her version, which I still love, but I do something different that … Continue reading

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Better Late than Never in Making Masala Chai at Home

You can file this under lame, or lazy, or just plain wasteful. Why I never started making masala chai (Indian spiced tea) at home I’ll never know.  I have been telling myself to look into this for years, but just … Continue reading

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Vik’s Chaat Corner and Market in Berkeley

My husband, Steve, took a day off work recently, so we made an afternoon trip to Vik’s Chaat Corner in Berkeley.  I’ve written about this place in the past, but not since they moved to their new, deluxe accommodations further down … Continue reading

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My Dog Won’t eat Chicken McNuggets

My companion, Berry, the actual akita-chow mix behind, has to go to the vet regularly due to his allergies and skin condition. When you adopt a dog it’s kind of a crap shoot in terms of vet bills, but … Continue reading

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Northern German Herring Salad

My Mom just came back from a long trip to Germany, where she’s from, and has been raving about one of her favorite dishes:  herring salad. I miss herring salad.  To make it properly in the US borders on impossible, … Continue reading

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