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Coffee Can Spice Potpourri

I put it off as long as I possibly could, but today I bit the bullet and cleaned out my spice cabinet.  The only other job I hate more is updating the earthquake kit – which no one else in … Continue reading

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Make gravlax at home – it’s easy!

Although I enjoy cooking in all its forms, I do have my niche – as all cooks do. What made me love garde manger, which means, loosely, “guard of the pantry,” and involves the cold kitchen, I’ll never really know, … Continue reading

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Will it go round in circles? The ice cream maker, I mean

Ice cream is important, nay, essential, to a quality summer – especially the homemade kind. Why make homemade ice cream?  Because you control the sugar, which is key for me because I hate things that are so sweet.  I also … Continue reading

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Roasted Peppers for Summer!

Hurray for June!  It’s now bell pepper season in Cali, and I can turn out roasted peppers to my heart’s content! Roasted peppers are delicious and cut a lovely appearance.  If you stick to a recipe that’s basic, leftovers are versatile.  There … Continue reading

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