Scallion guacamole

Scallion guacamole

The weather has been crappy so I want to serve something to brighten up the day around here.  Given that I have a number of ripe avocados on hand as well as many limes waiting to be picked, I thought guacamole would fit the bill. 

I love any reasonable form of guacamole and often experiment with ingredients, particularly those that can stand in for the cilantro and chilies.  Today I don’t want much heat and would rather amp up the sour element, so I decided to go with scallions and extra lime juice.  Sometimes scallions are skinny and lifeless, but Berkeley Bowl had some great looking, large, crisp scallions the other day, so they will really work well here.  When using scallions, you can also nix the red onion.

One important note it that you should always use fresh lime juice in guacamole.  It makes a difference!

Scallion Guacamole

2 large (or 4 small) ripe Hass avocados (they are ripe when they have a little give when pressed – but not too much)
1 medium tomato (use a decent, ripe tomato!)
4 nice, leafy scallions (aka green onions)
3 tbsp.  fresh lime juice (at least)
3/4 tsp. coarse salt (Kosher is fine)
A few grinds of black pepper 

1).  Remove the seeds and pulp from the tomato and give it a rough chop.
2).  Chop scallions into 1/4 inch rounds.
3).  Give your avocado flesh a rough chop. (for help in dealing with getting at the flesh, look here)
4).  Gently combine all ingredients in a non-reactive bowl.
5).  Adjust salt and lime juice to your liking.

Note:  If you are not going to serve right away, add the tomato at the last minute.

This one is especially good with grilled chicken or salmon.

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