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Pork loin & bacon fat-sauteed cabbage sammies

  I have some leftover mustard-encrusted pork loin roast from the day before last, and I just saw 3/4 of a head 0f cabbage in my vegetable crisper, which makes me happy I saved the bacon fat from the BLTs … Continue reading

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Little Louie’s in Point Richmond

Matt and I drove over to Point Richmond a couple of weeks ago to take some photographs.  It’s an interesting area with some nice old houses and storefronts – a hidden gem.  According to the Point Richmond History Association, Point … Continue reading

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Scallion guacamole

The weather has been crappy so I want to serve something to brighten up the day around here.  Given that I have a number of ripe avocados on hand as well as many limes waiting to be picked, I thought … Continue reading

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Creamy butternut squash soup

When I was at Costco last week I noticed that they were hawking bags of cubed butternut squash ready to cook.  At $5.49 for 2.5 pounds, and my shortage of time this week, it was serendipity defined.  I decided to make a … Continue reading

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Tomate Cafe in Berkeley

We really, really wanted to love Tomate Cafe (2265 5th Street, Berkeley).  It’s a cute little place tucked into Berkeley’s industrial area, food-wise something on the order of a Jimmy Beans or Meal Ticket.  They’ve got lots of veggie and … Continue reading

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Ginger tip

I’m sitting here thinking about all my backed-up posts and feeling somewhat crestfallen, but I want to tell you this, at least:  freeze a knob of “emergency ginger.” When you buy ginger the next time, buy a large, fat root … Continue reading

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