Best Foods mayo substitute

Jars of best foods and raleys mayo

Raley's and Best Foods mayo are both fab - but Raley's is much cheaper

Since Safeway stopped producing its Safeway Select* brand of real mayonnaise – which was almost a dead ringer for Best Foods/Hellmann’s – I have been looking for another alternate brand that is equally as good.  I finally found one:  Raley’s Real Mayonnaise.  It’s  a bit thicker than Best Foods, but is the real deal, and I think I will be buying this on a regular basis now, given that the (full) price is about $2.50.  It’s also an actual quart (32 ounces).  Since I want to punish Best Foods for downsizing their quart size to 30 ounces, I’ll be doing that in addition to saving money.

*Note that, in my opinion, the store brand of mayo that Safeway now sells is not very good.  It has those off-notes that other store brands have – sort of like wallpaper paste – and does not have a fresh, clean flavor.

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