Pizza at Arinell in Berkeley

Pizza at Arinell in Berkeley CA

Matthew and I had a couple slices of pizza at the only decent New York City-style place in the area, as far as I’m concerned, Arinell (2109 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley).  They make thin crust Neapolitan pizza topped with simple, high-quality ingredients.  There is a nice zesty sauce and real mozzarella cheese – and not too much of each, allowing the slice to remain rigid when you fold it over part way.  The crust has good flavor, too.  The sum of the parts equals a real East Coast experience when you take that first bite.

Some days they are off a bit, but when they get it right, it is REALLY right.  They sell slices and whole pies.  I cannot speak for any of the toppings, because I don’t bother with those, nor with the Sicilian pizza. 

My final gripe is that they got rid of their lunch special.  Now, two plain slices and a drink will set you back over $6.00.  They need to be reminded that this is a good time to offer specials.

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