Stonewall Kitchen scone mix

Cheddar scones

Friends of mine gave me an assortment of food gifts from Stonewall Kitchen.  They’re from Maine and so is Stonewall Kitchen, so it was a nice, local-type thing, like when I send Acme bread out to other parts.

The scone mix has been tempting me for awhile now, so one day this past weekend I thought I’d greet the morning and residents with hot scones.  Now, mixes can be good when they are from a company that uses quality ingredients, as well as convenient, but they are never cost-effective.  I look on these as a luxury and an exception.

Scones are a bit of a mess to make, since they result in a sticky, buttery dough that needs to be rolled and cut.  In this case, the mix saves you from having to add anything but butter, but it does not save you from the messy bits.  No way around that.

I had some aged cheddar hanging ar0und, so I crumbled that into the dough.

The scones came out perfect.  They were airy with just the right amount of density, and had great flavor.  That said, the mix is listed at $6.95 on the Stonewall Kitchen website – which is too much to spend for flour, sugar, baking powder, sea salt and baking soda on an ongoing basis.

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