Yogurt granola dessert

yogurt and granola dessert

When I was in culinary school, we used to make a yogurt parfait out of the following:

1)  Really good, thick, whole milk yogurt, like Nancy’s or Fage

2)  Really good granola

3)  Fresh shredded coconut, or even that packaged, shredded, sweetened stuff.  Note that Bob’s Red Mill puts out an unsweetened dried version that you can use.

4)  Some kind of fruit, like sliced bananas, peaches or strawberries that were mixed with a very small amount of sugar about 30 minutes before (the sugar is optional)

Layer these things (with a higher ratio of yogurt and fruit) in a tall glass or bowl and top with a little whipped cream.

We used to make these for breakfast, and they are unbelievably good, but I serve them as a dessert.  One thing, though, is that you should use whole-milk yogurt if you are serving them as a dessert, since you want some richness and mouthfeel.  Don’t nickel and dime this recipe with low-fat substitutions unless you really want it that way.  And, for God’s sake, do not use watery yogurt!

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