Pulled pork sandwiches

pulled pork sandwich piled high

A recent hankering by one of the residents here for pulled pork sammies created the need for a large hunk of slow-roasted pork.  One trip to Smart & Final later, I was well on the road.  I make my pulled pork somewhat differently than the rest of the universe, wanting all the elements of slow and low cooking but no smoke.  I rub the a boneless pork shoulder down with a mix of coarse salt, coarse pepper and paprika and then roast at 215 F. for about 9 hours – covered.  I then uncover the thing and roast for an hour at 375 F. or so – convection, to get some crispness on the sides.  I generally use a whole shoulder, which weighs in at over 10 pounds, but if you cannot find a whole boneless shoulder you can use boneless versions of what is called the “butt” or the “picnic” (these are the two cuts that make up a pork shoulder) or even “cushion meat,” which consists of boneless odds and ends of shoulder (it should be, anyway).  Once it’s out of the oven let it rest for upwards of an hour and then pull apart with two forks.  I serve this on nice rolls covered with hot pepper sauce and/or coleslaw with little sweet pickles on the side.

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