Halloween 2008

ross, anthony and chris in elaborate halloween costumes

It’s me birthday today.  Oh, yes, it’s also Halloween.  We had a little evening party planned, for which I procured a bunch of snacks from Trader Joe’s and decorated the house with candles, flameless and otherwise.  Things went south at about 4:00 p.m., when I heard from Paul.  His condo had flooded courtesy of some faulty plumbing in the vicinity of the kitchen sink, which sent Matthew and our wet vac with Paul to Antioch for a night of cleaning with Paul’s partner and fiancé, Gino.  Paul and Gino are scheduled to be married tomorrow, you see, which made this particular day a really, really bad one for a flood.  This also meant that guests associated with Matthew would not be coming this evening, so we were left with only the three of us and a lot of ripe Cambozola (rich hybrid, more or less, of Camembert and Gorgonzola) and Blue Castello (triple cream blue).  As luck would have it, three of Matt’s friends, Anthony, Chris and Ross — dressed to the teeth for the holiday — came by and saved us from complete lameness.  Matthew rolled in all wet after midnight and slunk upstairs to bed.

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