Costco rotisserie chickens smaller

Costco chicken issues.  Have you been following the story with Costco and its rotisserie chickens?  Over the past year, the cost went up from $4.99, which it had been for years, for a huge bird weighing in excess of four pounds, sometimes, to $6.99.  About a month ago I noticed that the chickens had lost quite a bit of weight.  I always select my chicken for color and size, picking many of them up and doing a full inspection.  All of the chickens were small, and the price was still $6.99, making this not such a great deal anymore.  I thought this might be fluke, like they happened to receive a batch of scrawny birds that week, but the problem persisted the next week.  I’ll bet they got complaints, because when I went to Costco today the chickens were down to $5.99.  Granted, they were still smaller – by a good pound, pound and a half – but at least they had the good sense to realize that you can’t raise the price and reduce the size so dramatically and abruptly.  I called to find out if this has something to do with stopping “plumping.”  Hope so.  Hope to hear back.

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