Monthly Archives: September 2008

Salmon mousse rolls

I had them in a frenzy over salmon mousse and scallop spring rolls.  I took a recipe from chef Ming Tsai and modified it over time.  He does a salmon mousse (Tea Spiced Smoked Salmon Mousse) that contains crushed lapsong … Continue reading

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Maine trip

I noticed that Matt uploaded some pix from his August trip to Maine.  Every year, he goes with Jon and company to Cushing, Maine, to spend a couple of weeks with Jon’s grandparents to hang out at the shore and … Continue reading

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Costco rotisserie chickens smaller

Costco chicken issues.  Have you been following the story with Costco and its rotisserie chickens?  Over the past year, the cost went up from $4.99, which it had been for years, for a huge bird weighing in excess of four … Continue reading

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