Mugged in El Cerrito CA

My mother was mugged today.  I should say there was an attempt to mug her but she fought back.  In El friggin’ Cerrito.  She spent most of her life in New York City and was never mugged – go figure.  The Albany side of El Cerrito is a quiet area with nice houses but subject to criminals commuting in on BART.  The BART stations here are a mixed blessing, not only because they provide easy access to all comers, but because of the paths under the tracks, which provide a sheltered area for criminals to strike at individuals enjoying a walk or trying to get someplace efficiently.  Such was the case here, with my mom entering the BART path off of Fairmount, when two young men — one about 15, one about 18 — ultimately knocked her down and tried to take her bag.  She screamed bloody murder and held onto the bag.  One of the two ran off and the other continued with the struggle.  He finally ran off, as well, when he saw she was not going to give in.  She was injured by the assault, but I am very glad they did not do her grave injury.  In any event, I’m sure you know what I’d like to do to the bastards.  Imagine choosing to prey on productive people — let alone those most vulnerable! — rather than making an honorable life for yourself and getting a job.

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