Dudes, please

Please, someone, spare me from this California nonsense.  While I’m sure it’s a good thing and I’m just being East Coast, take a gander at the June 2008 issue of Sunset, page 20.  Yoga restaurants.  Pu-leeze.  This is not something the world needs.  What about that snappy style that makes you want to, you know?  “…blissed out yogis practice sun salutations in the upstairs studio….”  What?  Don’t get me wrong – I really like Sunset.  My friend Wendy has given me a years-long subscription because she knows I like the recipes.  Plus, if you are in the food game in this area you need to keep up with trends.  That said, you have to have a fairly strong BS filter when reading these kinds of periodicals.  For example, they’ll write about a tiny neighborhood and photograph it as if there’s a real scene there.  I’ve also had my fill of suggestions for transforming my backyard into a bedroom or living room by the use of yards and yards of fabric.  The result always looks great in the photo shoot, but I’d like to see that same festooned yard once it’s gone through a couple of foggy nights in the SF Bay Area – and a bit of actual use.

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