Berry’s recovery

Berry the akita resting at home on his futon after surgery

Berry resting at home on his futon after surgery

We are all exhausted.  Berry proceeded to pace around the house at intervals with the e-collar, trying to jam himself through small spaces.  When we was not doing this, he would stand near the bed staring at us and crying, using tones I have not heard before.  He did this despite the pain pills, so we were worried.  Finally, I decided to give the e-collar a temporary heave-ho in order to see how much of this was about the collar rather than post-surgical pain.  The second it came off he raced to his bed and was snoring in no time.  We felt better.  Screw the e-collar.  I wrapped an Ace bandage around each front paw to cover those insane dew claws and that, as they say, was that.  I don’t care that his Akita single-mindedness got him out of the e-collar.  He was in pain and this was not a time for us to worry about who is in control (he is).  The poor dog just needed to sleep.  He was doped up and slept like a lump for hours.  In the morning I found the bandages on the floor, so I rigged something up for his paws with sock bands.  While he has been incredibly pissed off at me (he won’t look at me), I am trying to explain to him that it’s either those socks or the e-collar.  He groans at me when I put them on, and he is ignoring me and not sleeping by me in general.  I don’t blame him.  It’s not like I was able to let him know in advance what would happen.  I take this responsibility very seriously and I feel bad for him.  How would you like wake up and find that you are missing teeth?  It’ll take a bit before he trusts us again.

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