Roasted peppers

roasted tricolor peppers 5-18-08

I promised to provide a good recipe for roasted peppers, so here you go.  I use the pack of 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 orange from Costco, since they provide a pretty result with different flavors.  Jack up your oven to 400 F. convection, if you have it.  Place your peppers on a sheet pan and slide into oven.  Using long tongs, turn them over now and again (like every few minutes) so they darken and cook evenly.  When they are nice and brown — and they don’t need to be a solid brown, rather they should have lots of brown spots that are evenly distributed — take them out and pop into a couple of large Ziploc bags that are completely sealed.  You are harnessing moist heat here to cause the skins to pull away from the flesh.  Put the bags in bowls in case the heat causes them to open a bit, which happens often, so that you catch the natural juices, which you want to reserve for the final preparation.  After about an hour, take out the peppers, one by one, and slip the skins (which should be loose) off.  Pull the stems off and gently tear the pepper to open it and push out the seeds with your fingers.  Don’t rinse them, rather use your fingers to get all the “bad” things off.  If you rinse them, you’ll ruin the flavor and texture.  I never cut these peppers, just tear them into large strips and arrange them on a plate right then and there.  When all arranged on a serving plate go ahead and pour the pepper juices over the top.  Sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper over the top.  Finish with a drizzle of excellent olive oil.  What you don’t eat just save in a plastic container for sandwiches.

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