Happy Easter 2008!

junior's cheesecake made at home 3-23-08

Easter Sunday!  We once again made roast duck.  My mom stuffed them with green apples, adding great flavor and a bit of acidity, which is nice with fatty foods.  The stars of the meal were the Junior’s cheesecake, which I made from a recipe in Molly O’Neill’s New York Cookbook (1992), and my old standard, the 7-up cake.  The cheesecake was exactly as it should be – dense, a bit crumbly and not too sweet. 

matthew valencia and jon hampton-mckean 3-23-08

Jon was over for the weekend and we all had a fun holiday together.  I once again was able to harvest enough duck fat to see the family through the next six months of roast potatoes, and Berry made out pretty well, too.  Happy Easter to all!

jon and berry the akita ready to have easter dinner in 2008

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