Hong Kong Snack Shop in Richmond

hong kong snack house in richmond ca in 2008

The Hong Kong Snack House in Pacific East Mall in Richmond is pretty good, I can report, for a little bite or even a whole assortment of goodies to combine to make a meal for your brood.  They have excellent Vietnamese sandwiches that come on good, crusty French bread with crispy veggies and a sweet/sour sauce for around $3.50.  Try the combo.  We have not yet worked our way through the entire menu, but are able to vouch for a few other things, like the egg puffs and waffles, but I would advise eating these items while walking around the mall.  The sandwiches travel fine, though.  This place has a display table of brightly colored snack items that we have not yet selected from, and it was decked out in spades for Chinese New Year.

matt and jon at hong kong snack house richmond CA in 2008

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