cupcakes with ganache frosting

When you find yourself with leftover chocolate and heavy cream there is only one thing to do:  make ganache.  I threw together cupcakes today as a vehicle for the ganache.  To make a long story short, you’ll need two parts semisweet chocolate to one part cream.  Boil the cream and pour it over the chocolate (in small pieces) in a bowl.  Let it sit for a moment and then whisk or stir until smooth.  You can use this to glaze cakes, frost cupcakes, make truffle balls, or simply eat as-is.  Yes, eat as-is.  Man, there is nothing like cold, leftover ganache that you have to pry out of the container.  The longer you let ganache sit the firmer it will be.  Our cupcakes were not pretty because Matthew was loading them up with the stuff at various levels of firmness, so we lost that glossy effect we had after the first layer.

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