The men of the house

Steven in 2008

Pix of the menfolk.  Here’s a photo of the founder of the feast (on the right).  He works hard so I can do this kind of thing much of the time.  He’s not easy to photograph because he hates having his picture taken and acts all weird.  We also have Matthew and Jon, who need to be beaten away from the front of a camera with clubs.  They promptly grab photos I take of them for upload to Facebook.  Matthew has photo albums on Facebook with titles like “me,”  “more of me,” “me in SF in June,” and other variations of “me.”  Man, I would have hated to plaster my photo around when I was 20.  It must be wonderful to feel so secure at that age.  They walk around like they are The Shit!  Steve, Matt & Jon eat quite a bit of the food I talk about on the site.  These are serious food people:  lusty appetites and the desire to try almost anything.  Matthew, who favors Chinese food, recently said it would be out of the question for him to have a serious relationship with anyone who didn’t like dim sum.  “The person doesn’t know how to handle chopsticks — I’d have to think twice about that.”

Jon and Matt in 2008

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