A dog in a car

Berry the akita-chow mix in a car looking miserable

Berry is unhappy in the car, as you can see here.  He should be happy, though, because he knows that I always get him a McDonald’s double cheeseburger without condiments when we have to go to the vet or something else unpleasant.  Just about any other time I pile him into the car we go to the park or to the bay so he can go around with his nose in overdrive.  Given that he knows he is either getting a burger or going to the park, I don’t get this drama with car trips.  I also cannot get him into his canine seat belt because he acts like a jerk when I try.  This limits me to slow, local routes with someone in the back seat holding him when I have to stop at a light.

Berry the akita-chow mix really wanting to get out of our car

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