Great Szechuan in Richmond

Szechuan spicy fish in 2008

Szechuan spicy fish fillet from Great Szechuan

A meal today at Steve’s new favorite restaurant, Great Szechuan (3288 Pierce Street, Richmond) at the back of Pacific East Mall.  I’ve written about this place before but did not have any photos until this trip.  I again ordered the Szechwan spicy fish and again was not disappointed.  As I reported last time, this dish is generous, with many deep-fried fillets served on a wooden tray under hundreds of chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns.  Hot.  Numbing.  Steve had the hand pulled noodles with pork, which he said was very good, with no heat whatsoever.  Jon ordered the seafood chow mein, crispy style, which he made short work of.  If you can’t deal with hot dishes they serve a number of mild things, so no worries there.

Matt and Jon at Great Szechuan in Richmond CA in 2008

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