Brussels sprouts are good, I don’t care what anyone says

Brussels sprount on their stalk

Brussels sprouts on their stalk

Brussels sprouts were eaten here today.  You hate ’em, I know.  In cooking school I was told that 50% of the U.S. population dislikes this entire vegetable family, which includes cabbage and broccoli.  I can report that the four people living in this house are not included in that 50%.  There have been some studies indicating that pregnant women who eat from this group of veggies may pass along a liking to their offspring.  This would explain the four of us.  Apparently there is a bitter taste there that some people just can’t get past and others either don’t taste or don’t perceive as negative.  I think it adds to the fun when you have a chance to buy Brussels sprouts on the stalk.  It’s fun to see where food actually comes from.

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