New Year’s Eve 2007

Matt out on new year's eve 2007

Matt and Jon rolled in about 3:45 a.m. from their big night on the town in SF.  They went to see the fireworks display at the Embarcadero and then ate in Chinatown with Wesley and Ross and one other person, I think.  Matt sent us a bunch of video clips of the fireworks as we sat and watched TV while hacking at a wheel of brie.  We almost never go out on New Year’s Eve anymore given the traffic and hassle.  We figure we’re too old for that nonsense and have just as good a time with the annual Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi channel – which now runs a full 48 hours.  At about 11:30 p.m. we always tune in to KRON 4’s totally lame-ass coverage of the evening’s events in the City, which was even more lame-ass this year given that the “party” was no longer at the Hyatt Regency and no longer an actual party but some sort of ridiculous dance contest at The Palace.  When the fireworks finally came on, they kept showing The Palace and a whole bunch of other nonsense when all we wanted to see was the fireworks.  Never again.

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