Spritz cookie woes

recipe that came with villaware coolie press that has problems

Recipe that came with Villaware Power Cookie Press - read carefully!

I don’t know about spritz cookies.  I bought a cheap cookie press that had the Hershey’s Kiss logo and it sucked right from the start; I threw it in the trash after tangling with it for an hour.  I next bought a rechargeable model – the Villaware Power Cookie Press.  This looked a little sturdier and had larger, metal, cookie plates.  We thought we’d start with the basic spritz recipe that came with the thing, but this did not work out well.  Check out the recipe.  Do these people edit their manuals?  We wound up making a pretty soft dough but the press still had to work hard to extrude it – making a huge amount of noise in the process.  Furthermore, the cookies did not adhere well to the ungreased baking sheet and would sometimes come off in pieces.  The outcome was an assortment of ugly cookies with a few nice ones, as well as some thumbprint cookies my mom made when she was ready to give the press the old heave-ho.  I have been told this takes practice, but I don’t know if I have it in me to go through this kind of aggravation.  Please email me if you have any advice.

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