Pyramid Ale House in Berkeley

Matthew and Oma at Pyramide Ale House in Berkeley in 2007

Just a trip to Pyramid Brewery, my regular Wednesday night haunt.  This time, though, the other family units came along – but not Steven, who’s in NYC on business.  Pyramid (901 Gilman Street, Berkeley) is a comfy place with great beer and overpriced, OK food.  You have to be very careful at Pyramid in terms of the food, since venturing into unknown territory – for example when they change their menu – is almost never rewarded.  Recently they revamped their grub, so we tried a few new things, like the roasted Anaheim chili appetizer, which was GROSS.  The filling includes Andouille sausage, cheese and zucchini, which sounds good on paper, but turns out to be a mushy paste.  The mac and cheese side was hopelessly dry, as was the scalloped potatoes dish – both of which were cold and lifeless, too.  Both had loads of panko on top that was, well, raw.  I’d like to go into that friggin’ kitchen and get rid of the panko, since it shows up on so much and they clearly don’t know how to use it.  For the record, the first thing you learn in cooking school is to use plenty of cream and butter in these kinds of dishes.  This is not difficult.  You need to get some ooze.  I guess they are just too cheap and think they can fool us by creating a faux crust with lots of breadcrumbs. The cheese and chicken quesadilla was fine, and actually generous.  Nothing special but not an outright insult.  Stick to the chicken sammies, burgers and sausage plate, or get drunk before you have the other stuff.

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