Downsizing mayo

I’m really mad right now.  For some reason I did not know that Best Foods/Hellmann’s had downsized its mayonnaise.   Usually I’m on top of this kind of thing, especially when it comes to something good.  As I’ve said many times, if you use mayo, buy Hellmann’s or Safeway Select.  Period.  Do not buy Costco’s premium mayo unless you like it really, really heavy.  It is very close to homemade, which I am not a fan of, oddly enough, but maybe you are, so there you go.  Anyway, I was sitting idle, which certainly can invite the devil in, and noticed that mayo was on sale at Lucky; the flyer was in front of me on the coffee table.  The add said something about the “15 oz or 30 oz size.”  I’m like, WTF?  Mayo comes in half-pints, pints, quarts, gallons and so on.  Those sneaky &*$#@’s really inflame me.  If they want to make more money (and we all know Unilever is hurting, right?) then they should raise the price, but don’t try to put one over on us.  This also messes up cooks, who need n cups of mayo for a recipe.  I wonder if I am so behind the curve here that other manufacturers have followed this lead – or if Unilever was following another’s lead.  Note to self:  go to Safeway tomorrow and look at all the mayo.  I’m wondering if those fools had the nerve to downsize the 8 oz jar to 7 3/4 oz.

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