Castro Street Festival

Castro Street Festival in SF in 2007

Castro Street Festival in SF in 2007

Matt went to the Castro Street Festival today with friends Ross and Ken.  He’s been hopping over to SF every weekend for this or that event and then having a bite over there and reporting back on quality.  Today they stopped in at Slider’s Diner (449 Castro Street, SF) for burgers and thought they were pretty good.  Matt told me that Welcome Home had closed, which is too bad since we went there often when we first moved here in 1995.  They met up with Gino Ramos later in the day and went over to the Dignity service in the Sunset to connect with Gino’s partner, Paul Riofski.  Paul schlepped them south to have dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau (1297 Chess Drive, Foster City).  Harry’s = big hunks of meat.  You can get a serious turkey or roast beast groove on at Harry’s while feeling like you stepped back in time.  This must be the only place you can get a side of carrot and raisin salad with your Swiss steak, and where your mashed potatoes happily swim under a lake of gravy.

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