Flowers in my garden

Pink flower peeking

I’ve been meaning to put up a couple photos of my flower garden.  My mom is more interested in growing flowers than I am, but I do admit that flowers are very nice and I like looking at them when I’m in the yard working on the laptop.  They also provide excellent material to photograph.  The orange flower is from the plant Matthew gave me on Mother’s Day in 2004 – which has been growing and blooming like crazy.  The purple and pink one was grown from bulbs our friends Marcia and Marc brought by over the summer.  It’s amazing how so many plants do well here in the Bay Area – even in containers, which I have many of due to having a cemented side yard that needed to be cheered up.  This reminds me of a line from Homo Faber, by Max Frisch, which goes something like, “….even if you spit on the ground, something will grow,” which is pretty much the situation here, though this was not a positive thought for Herr Faber.  Nothing much on the food front today since Matthew is off at the Folsom Street festival in SF with friends and Steve and I are doing some minor home repairs – namely caulking and sealing in anticipation of the rainy season.

Ornage flower from Matt's mother's day gift to me

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