7up cake

The the food news of the day is limited, though I did perpetrate a 7up cake using a recipe from the Discovery Health Network show, Just Cook This.  I was channel surfing last week and caught the 9/20 episode, noticing that it involved three grandmothers coming on the air with a recipe apiece.  This cake is easy, easy, easy, and tastes great.  It’s basically a take on pound cake.  Several of my African American friends make this cake, though I never tried myself.  Now I see why it’s popular and I plan on making this for the holidays.  If you give it a shot, note that I used a silicone bundt pan and it took a good hour and a half to cook through.  Also, in my experience, pound cakes stick to ungreased silicon pans, so you’ll want to use some of that pan spray with flour.  If, for some reason, Discovery Health pulls the recipe, just contact me.

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