A little Manchego

I found shards of Manchego on Berry’s futon today.  Who the hell is feeding the dog Manchego? Is it really necessary to give him sheep’s milk cheese?  I know full well he is the main consumer of all the mozzarella sticks I buy, so let’s get real here.  While we are on the subject, I know many people are pooh-poohing Manchego in favor of other Spanish cheeses these days, but I still enjoy and purchase it now and again, usually from Costco.  It is a semi-hard cheese that lasts a long time if you treat it right, so it is perfectly fine to buy it in those Costco-sized hunks.  I love the strongish, zesty, salty flavor and eat it with some type of marmalade rather than quince paste, which is the traditional accompaniment.  If you have Manchego on hand, a baguette or two, a good marmalade, perhaps some sweet butter and most certainly a strong Spanish or Italian red, you are set for dinner.  If you have young children you can serve them grape juice.

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