One Market in SF for lunch

Ate lunch at One Market in San Francisco because we had to go to UCSF for some medical stuff and felt we deserved a good thing.  Now, I had heretofore not been bowled over by One Market (1 Market Street (duh), SF), but it was the fanciest thing close to BART and we wanted to see if the lunch was any good anyway.  Since we had no reservation, they seated us at the chef’s counter, where you get to watch the cooks while perched on a comfy bar seat.  I highly recommend this location.  If you are at the front counter you are almost on top of the sauté station, which should be interesting to most people since it’s an active part of the kitchen with lots of fire and pans and ingredients flying around.  Matthew ordered the Dungeness crab cakes and the ahi tuna burger.  I chose the roast chicken and chick pea fries.  The crab cakes were delicious and had ample crab, but they were so tiny they were lost on their large plate and just not worth the $16.50 price tag.  The rest of the meal was perfection.  My organic roast chicken – a split half – was served with natural jus and was moist and flavorful from skin to bone.  The chick pea fries, served with a terrific harissa aioli, were light and crisp and not at all mushy or greasy;  I was easily able to handle them like potato fries.  Matthew’s tuna burger was made with a generous, rounded piece of solid ahi, cooked rare.  It’s normally served with salad but Matt substituted what they call ‘big fries,’ which was a great decision, since those fries came off like a cross between roasted potatoes and steak fries.  Everything was well seasoned, particularly the chicken, which they coaxed great things from, but, honestly, next time I may just make a meal of the two sides and forgo the rest, which should be no problem since they seem to keep the Acme pain epi coming.  $65.59 before a generous tip for superior service.

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