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Flowers in my garden

I’ve been meaning to put up a couple photos of my flower garden.  My mom is more interested in growing flowers than I am, but I do admit that flowers are very nice and I like looking at them when … Continue reading

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The Stinking Rose in SF and their bagna calda

At The Stinking Rose (325 Columbus, SF) they have an appetizer called ‘bagna calda.’  This is something I really like, so I make my own version at home all the time.  It tastes best with fresh garlic, but go ahead … Continue reading

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The big wooden Frankenstein family fish

I’ve been thinking about the wooden fish today.  This is an item residing in my kitchen.  The fish, constructed of boards of wood affixed and carved in the shape of a fish, inscribed and lacquered, was made for Steven’s grandfather, … Continue reading

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50 Main Street, Binghamton, New York

This has nothing to do with food. I’ve been thinking that it’s about time I posted a bit about my father.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to look at the funeral photographs and personal effects I shipped from … Continue reading

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7up cake

The the food news of the day is limited, though I did perpetrate a 7up cake using a recipe from the Discovery Health Network show, Just Cook This.  I was channel surfing last week and caught the 9/20 episode, noticing … Continue reading

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A little Manchego

I found shards of Manchego on Berry’s futon today.  Who the hell is feeding the dog Manchego? Is it really necessary to give him sheep’s milk cheese?  I know full well he is the main consumer of all the mozzarella … Continue reading

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Matthew in Hong Kong with seafood

Matthew was in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks this summer visiting his cousin, Aaron, who works in the garment industry there – I think.  Aaron studied Chinese in college and has been living and working in various Mainland … Continue reading

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One Market in SF for lunch

Ate lunch at One Market in San Francisco because we had to go to UCSF for some medical stuff and felt we deserved a good thing.  Now, I had heretofore not been bowled over by One Market (1 Market Street … Continue reading

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McCartney new album not very good

Paul McCartney’s new CD, Memory Almost Full, first things first, is terrible.  No one likes Sir Paul more than Matthew and I and we are willing to give him a break when he releases questionable material, like Chaos and Creation … Continue reading

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