Little Hong Kong in El Cerrito

Little Hong Kong in El Cerrito rocks.  Who knew?  Certainly not we two.  Little Hong Kong (10443 San Pablo Avenue) sits on a stretch of San Pablo in El Cerrito with some terrible Chinese restaurants and we assumed the worst.   When I say “terrible” I mean dinosaur American-Cantonese terrible.  And, no, I did not steal the expression “dinosaur X” from Anthony Bourdain.  I have been saying and writing this for years.  Anyhoo, LHK was packed, and we were crammed into a nice little corner and brought a menu.  The lunch special here is listed at three friggin’ ninety five!  While they have some Americanized selections, they have lots of the real deal.  This is not one of those bad places like the monstrosity up the avenue with all the dragons outside — where the Albany bowling league ladies eat.  Forgive me for ragging on my mother’s bowling companions, but know that I held back so many times I deserve to use them as a negative example just once.  What turned the tide for me was one woman recently telling my Mom that Matthew would have a hard time finding anything good to eat in Hong Kong.  Sorry, but that took me over the top.  Oh, yes, Little Hong Kong, sorry.  This is a solid place to have a meal, though the service could have been a little better, but then again they deserved a pass because of the lunchaday throngs.  We got more than enough food for $3.95 and $4.95, respectively, and it was hot and fresh.  I had the curry chicken, but should not have because I never like any curry chicken as much as I do at Macau Cafe or even Daimo, but I felt like something hot.  It was tasty but had no potatoes, and I like potatoes.  Matt had the beef chow fun, which was excellent.  I am sorry it took us so long to figure this place out.  It’s solid for lunch.

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