Wassup with the fish moguls?

We are losing all the big-time fish guys.  What’s going on here?  First, we have Rubin Caslow, the chairman of the largest producer of smoked fish in the country, Acme Fish Corporation, who died in April.  This is a major loss.  Ever try their smoked whitefish salad?  Acme’s site is listed in our “places to visit” section.  Then, this month, Mark Sneed, president of Phillips, passed on.  Phillips is a Baltimore-based restaurant chain and seafood products manufacturer.  For some time Costco carried their canned lump crabmeat, which, when used as an ingredient in the crab cake recipe on the side of the can, results in good eats.  You have to follow the recipe exactly!  Matthew and I went to a Phillips Seafood Restaurant when we visited Baltimore.  It was an all-you-can-eat affair and we were issued hammers and buckets.

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