Burgers at Pear Street Bistro in Pinole

Reporting that Pear Street Bistro has good burgers.  On 5/25/07 I wrote favorably about lunch at Pear Street Bistro in Pinole.  Today Matt and I went back to investigate the hamburger situation and are happy to let you know that you should not hesitate to order said ground beast sandwich.  They call it a ‘Bistro Burger’ and it is not of the hoi polloi variety, meaning it has a bunch of stuff you won’t find at Big Al’s in Albany, like caramelized onion.  You may get it however you like, though, since Pear Street Bistro aims to please.  What is important here is that the meat is high-quality and has enough fat to give it great mouth-feel and flavor.  Toppings are your own affair.  $13 with fries and worth it.

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